May 22, 2024

26th January, 73rd Republic day, VOTE FOR BEST REPUBLIC DAY Parade marching contingent

26th january 73rd Republic Day Five days to go. Air warriors preparing to repeat the feat.

The IAF’s Contingent has been adjudged as the best Republic Day Parade Marching Contingent in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2020. In 2022, they won the People’s Choice award.

Five days to go. Air warriors preparing to repeat the feat.


The entire nation will watch the 73rd Republic Day Parade tableaux, showcasing the country’s strength, culture and diversity.

You are invited to vote for your favorite Tabelau from States and Central Govt Ministries as also amongst the Marching contingents to select the best amongst popular choice category.

This is in addition to the selection of the best marching contingent and Tableau by the Expert Committee of Ministry of Defence.

List of Tableaux of Ministries/Departments for Republic Day Parade : click here

List of Tableaux of States/UTs for Republic Day Parade : click here

List of Marching Contingents for Republic Day Parade: click here

73rd Republic Day Parade – vote for your favourite republic day parade : click here

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